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A hydrotherapy program for students with a physical disability is provided in our hydrotherapy spa. Students are assessed for suitability and then given individual programs appropriate to their specific needs. Hydrotherapy programs are tailored for each student's needs.

The overall aims include :

  • Relax muscle and connective tissue - particularly important in spasticity. This is achieved by the temperature and buoyancy of the water, water pressure and rhythmic nature of the movements.
  • Increase joint range of movement - this occurs naturally as a result of relaxation and in conjunction with specific exercises.
  • Increase voluntary movement of limbs and trunk - in the relatively weightless environment of the pool it is easier to move. The effects of gravity are almost eliminated.
  • Experience reduction of pain - related to the temperature and rhythmic, gently stretching in the weightless environment.
  • Increase strength - achieved by resisting turbulence, either man made or created by hydro jets.
  • Improve weight bearing - commencing with partial weight bearing, kneeling and half kneeling, progressing to standing.
  • Improve balance - achieved by a balanced 'static' position against turbulence, or by dynamically reaching for floating objects.
  • Experience alternative stimuli associated with water.


For reasons of safety as well as quality of care, all students are treated individually in sessions lasting 30 to 40 minutes. Great care is given to hygiene and dignity. Certificates from G.P's are required in the case of epilepsy.