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August 2018
  • 20Transitions - Come & See for Book Week at 9:30am
  • 20Inters Book Reading Session - 9:30am
  • 23Inters Come and See Afternoon Tea
  • 24Whole School Book Week Character Dress Up Day
October 2018
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Principals welcome

Yarrabah is a Specialist School that caters for students with intellectual, physical and/or multiple disabilities in the bayside suburb of Aspendale aged between 2.8 and 18years.

Yarrabah's mission is to provide a nurturing, educational environment that maximises each student's potential.

Established in 1974, Yarrabah staff work closely with students, staff, families and community agencies. Together we maximise student potential by providing an individualised safe learning environment that promotes active learning, encourages adventure, independence and self-esteem.

We provide all students an individualised curriculum with therapeutic support that prepares them for life as valued members of the community.

As a KidsMatter school we value student wellbeing and the importance of a positive school community. You will always be made to feel welcome at Yarrabah School. We place great emphasis on supporting families by regularly hosting and delivering parent support programs in the interest of you and your child.

My staff and I will always be available to listen and answer your enquiries as best we can. I encourage you to keep coming back to read the newsletters, watch our events and reflect on the general information available on this site.

Kindest regards,

Matthew Harris