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Secondary School Stage

The Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary sections at Yarrabah School caters to the learning and physical needs of each student.

Our aim is to maximize the potential and improve all areas of our students development enabling them to participate actively in their community. Individual programs are developed and reviewed by a large multi disciplinary team including Physiotherapy, Social Workers, Speech and Occupational Therapists, Family Support Agencies and the Psychologist (when required).

The Students in the secondary sections are involved in a large number of programs.

Intermediate and Senior Program

Timetabled Programs:

  • Real-Life Literacy and Numeracy
  • Physical Education
  • Work Skills
  • Art
  • Life Skills
  • Music, Dance, Drama
  • Travel Education
  • Technology
  • Social Safety
  • VPC (Upper Secondary only)
  • Certificate I and II Programs

Extra activities include:

  • Camps
  • SailAbility
  • Swimming
  • Recreational Studies
  • Community Access Program
  • Interschool Activity Programs
  • School-based fundraising activities
  • Active Volunteering
  • Work Experience Program
  • Music Tuition
  • Maths Tuition
  • Communication
  • Elective Program

Our aim is to maximize each student’s potential by providing a wide range of opportunities to engage with others and to practice their related skills therefore enabling them to actively participate in their community.

More information about the programs can be viewed here: