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Community Access Program

Community Access programs are organised throughout the school.

A variety of community locations are accessed to allow students to experience and explore different environments and to develop appropriate social behaviours and safety within the community. The Community Access Program is an integral part of the Life Skills Program..

The Primary Section Community Access Program involves the students attending local shopping centers. The students assist with the purchase of items for their home craft session from planned individual shopping lists. This program encourages students to develop appropriate behaviour while in the community, practice their road safety skills and to follow simple instructions.

Secondary aged students learn how to purchase and validate public transport tickets, read transport timetables, plan their trips and how to behave appropriately on public transport. Students visit the local library, shop at various stores with increased independence and order their own morning teas at local venues. This Program provides Secondary aged students with confidence and self esteem, and skills for their future.

The addition of street signs around the school assists students in the use of locations to describe where they are and have been.