Event Calendar

December 2023

Friday 1st
    Saturday 2nd
      Sunday 3rd
        Monday 4th
          Tuesday 5th
            Wednesday 6th
            • Whole School End of Year Celebration Evening 5.30pm - 8.30pm
            • Yarrabah Art Exhibition Opening Night
            Thursday 7th
              Friday 8th
              • Senior Graduation Day
              Saturday 9th
                Sunday 10th
                  Monday 11th
                  • Middles Graduation
                  Tuesday 12th
                  • Last day for EEP Students
                  • Last day for Secondary Graduates - Avenue of Honor
                  • EEP Graduation
                  Wednesday 13th
                  • Curriculum Day - meet new teacher for transition and 2024
                  Thursday 14th
                  • Transition Week
                  Friday 15th
                    Saturday 16th
                      Sunday 17th
                        Monday 18th
                          Tuesday 19th
                          • School Carnival Day
                          • Last day for students
                          Wednesday 20th
                          • Curriculum Day - Student free
                          Thursday 21st
                            Friday 22nd
                              Saturday 23rd
                                Sunday 24th
                                  Monday 25th
                                    Tuesday 26th
                                      Wednesday 27th
                                        Thursday 28th
                                          Friday 29th
                                            Saturday 30th
                                              Sunday 31st