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April 2019
  • 24Meet Slow Art Collective Day (2pm - 3pm)
  • 25Anzac Day Public Holiday - Student free day
  • 26Staff Professional Development Day - Student free day
  • 29School Camp - (April 29th - May 1st)
May 2019
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Whole School Assembly Invitation - Monday, March 25th at 10am

Monday 25th March 2019

Student Leader and Student Voice Committee member official announcement and badge presentation – Monday, March 25th at 10am.

We would like to invite families and friends to attend the whole school assembly, held outside the Life Skills building (weather permitting). We will be presenting each student with a badge that they will be able to wear every day to show that they are leaders within the school.

School Leader Positions

School Captains: Thomas and Thea

School Vice Captains: Joshua T and Annie

School Ambassador: Micah

Sports Leaders: Cale and Joel

Environmental Leader: Ryan D

Communication Leader: Jacqui

Arts Leader: Simon

Student Voice Leader: Nelson

Student Voice Committee Members

Lower Junior: Mitchell and Amelia

Upper Junior: Orson and Lulu

Middles: Alex C and Jack-Jack

Transition: Harper and Brianna K

Inters: Hau Jin and Joshua F

Seniors: Nelson (Student Voice Leader), Alyssa and Catherine