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  • 3Camp Blackwood
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MOVE program sets out to achieve mobility one move at a time

Mobility Opportunities Via Education

  • MOVE is an activity based curriculum designed to teach students the basic functional motor skills of sitting, standing and walking.
  • It aims to combine natural body mechanics with an educational process.
  • MOVE incorporates infant development programs as well as programs for children with orthopaedic disabilities.
  • The program is designed for children who have not developed the physical skills necessary to sit independently, bear weight on their feet or take reciprocal steps.
  • The curriculum provides a comprehensive system for testing, setting goals and keeping records of improvement.

Purposes of the Program

  • To provide a sequence of motor skills which are age appropriate and useful to the participant.
  • To naturally practice motor skills while performing educational or leisure activities.
  • To give children the opportunities to move independently and make choices, enhancing their learning.
  • To work on communication skills.
  • To reduce the time and energy requirements for personal care.
  • To increase interaction with environments at home and in the community.
  • To benefit health by improving bone and joint health, muscle strength and help move and clear secretions.

MOVE Standing FrameStanding Support

Standing frame: allows for interaction in a weight-bearing position which is important for the development of bone and muscle strength, good respiratory health and assistance with digestion.

MOVE Sitting SupportSitting Support

The chairs have adjustable positions to optimise sitting posture during functional tasks and leisure.

MOVE Walking SupportWalking Support

Allows weight-bearing and development of the correct walking pattern.